PB Theme and Description

PB Theme and Description

Think of the PB Theme as the Title of your PB Cycle. There are a few reasons the PB Cycle theme is important:
  1. A theme inspires ideas – Humans often have a hard time creating something from nothing. It’s far easier for a student to expand upon a concept they identify with than fill an empty space. The PB Cycle theme provides a great jumping-off point for participants to begin ideating over new proposals that positively impact the school.
  2. A theme define scope and provides context – PB Cycles can be planned for groups of any size. From student groups and clubs to entire school districts. Defining your PB Cycle Theme helps participants understand the scope of the PB Cycle.
  3. A theme may fulfill donor requirements (Budgets with a Purpose) – Sometimes, budgets are earmarked for a specific purpose. A donor may fund a PB Cycle to improve science and technology or health and wellness. In these cases, the PB Cycle Theme should clearly communicate the purpose.
Try to keep your theme below 50 characters for the best user experience. For reference, this sentence is 46 characters.

Example PB Themes:
  1. Increase health and wellness at school
  2. Prepare students for a digital future
  3. Improve on campus safety

PB Description

Here’s your chance to expand upon the Theme you just defined to ensure everyone is on the same page and there aren’t any misinterpretations of the Theme.

Keep this statement at or below 200 characters (around 3 sentences).

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