Sharing Join Code for others to join a PB Cycle

Sharing Join Code for others to join a PB Cycle

PB Administrators can invite others to join a PB Cycle. How? By sharing the PB Cycle's Join Code. 

If you are a PB Admin, you can invite two different types of users:
  1. Participants: These are most commonly students, their goal during the PB Cycle will be to create proposals, 'like' proposals from others, add comments, and vote. 
  2. Coaches: Admins can rely on others to help coach students into more feasible proposals, coaches can be other teachers, parents or invitees from other organizations.
Follow these steps to find the share Join Code within your PB Cycle:

  1. STEP 1 - Enter your PB Cycle
  2. STEP 2 - Click/Tap the 'PB Actions' icon located in the top right corner of your PB Cycle
  3. STEP 3 - From the 'PB Actions' menu, select "Share Join Code"
  4. STEP 4 - Select the role (participants or coaches) and copy the corresponding Join Code URL with the "Copy to clipboard" icon
  5. FINAL STEP - After sharing the Join Code, others will be able to join your PB Cycle

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